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Menu Planner Tuesday

Well my kids headed back to school yesterday after a wonderful week off for Spring break. We had to deal with some sickness, but we still made some time for fun!!


Since it’s Tuesday, I thought is share my menu I made for next week. I try to do my menus at a set time every week so it’s easier to remember.

Monday: Spaghetti Squash
Tuesday: Chicken fajitas
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Bowtie chicken
Friday: Meatloaf
Saturday: Chicken and dumplings

It’s a pretty simple menu really. Right now I’m trying to gather enough recipes for a whole month so that I can switch them out for variety. It’s so easy being able to look at the menu board and know what to get out for supper!!!

Do you have a favorite menu you’d like to share? I’d live to hear from you!!