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Finding True Fulfillment

Have you ever felt stuck? Like no matter how many times you spin your wheels you can’t move? You pray, you study, you read but can’t get the ball rolling? I have. In fact, most of my life I have been there. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Well it just dawned on me what on earth is happening.

For years I’ve been caught in a cycle of defeat. Oh I had lofty ambitions. Keep my house perfectly spotless at all times, have perfect, happy kids who obeyed at the drop of a hat. And a beautiful marriage where we never had an argument and all was bliss.

Fast forward to the present: I almost never can keep my house clean. I’m a perfectionist so while things are falling apart I’m cleaning out my linen closet so every towel roll can face the same way. My kids almost never have what they need in their drawers clean but I’m always washing, always washing clothes to the point I detest laundry. I make an immaculate menu for our weekly meals….but don’t actually get to the store to by the said ingredients for the meals.

Can you see a cycle here? It just occurred to me…..I want it all done perfectly all the time every day all day. When it can’t be that way, I give up. I never follow through with all my lofty ambitions because I would never have time to do if the way I want it!!! Now I’ve been a follower of flylady for years, so don’t ask me why this concept is just sinking in!!! I run myself ragged all day over things that don’t matter, and the things that stress me out the most don’t get done, therefore causing more stress. So basically I’ve had enough. I wrote out my priorities, the things that I let slide when I’m getting all perfectionist you know and gave myself a plan. Want to see it? Here are the 5 F’s of my priorities:

1. Family
2. Faith
3. Fitness
4. Friends
5. Finances

These are all areas I’m lacking in, yet they are the most important! I broke them down into manageable goals and plan to work toward them therefore giving me a sense of accomplishment. So at the end of the day, even if my house isn’t perfect, if I’ve focused on my 5 priorities, I have succeeded! What a relief and joy knowing that I don’t have to be caught in the awful cycle of defeat anymore!!

Care to join me? What are some of the areas you struggle in that you need to make changes? Share them below!!