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Goals, Goals, Goals!!!

Awwww, a beginning of a new month!! Not just any month, but April. The beginning of Spring!!! I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement. Not just because its Spring, but because I love beginnings!!
Having recently completed Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Moneysavingmom I am energized about life again! I have realized the importance of goals, especially for Stay at Home Mom’s like me because its easy to feel as if you’re drifting along with no end in sight. I also recently took the course PUSH by Chalene Johnson and it has helped encourage me to be proactive about life instead of reactive. So instead of waiting for life to come to you, go after it yourself!! Set weekly, daily, and yearly goals.
I thought I’d share what my goals for April are. I made them simple, yet great enough to feel like I’ve accomplished a few things to feel good about! I broke them down into categories so that they are more easily readable and doable.
April’s goals:
1) Fitness:
A. Drink more water
B. exercise 4 times weekly
C. Add more veggies to diet

2) Faith:
A. Read ‘A Confident Heart’ by Renee Swope
B. meditate more throughout the day on the Scripture I studied that morning.
C. Be diligent in praying for God’s will for our future

3) Family Life:
A. Read The Five Love Languages for Couples
B. Read The Five Love Languages for Kids
C. Do something extra thoughtful 2 times a week for hubby.
D. Intentional time with kids

4) Business:
A. Put in more job applications
B. Get advertising on my blog
C. Host a giveaway on my blog

I encourage you to make up your own list. Tomorrow ill be starting the 12 months to a healthier you on Money Saving Mom’s page and ill be blogging about my progress! Hope that you’ll join me!!