Book Review: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Hello! Sorry for my long absence! I am still getting used to the world of blogging. In January we spent most of the month with either one child ill, or snowed in!! So that didn’t leaver with much time for writing. It also left me feeling defeated, and behind on my goals and housework. It’s amazing how several weeks in a row with an interrupted schedule can leave you feeling! It was during this time of defeat that I was browsing FB, and came upon a book giveaway by one of my favorite pages I followed, Money Saving Mom. I figured I’d sign up for the giveaway but knew I’d never win because I didn’t usually win things like that. Imagine my surprise when I received an email stating that I was the winner of the book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, (by Crystal Paine)
Well I was disparate by this point do began reading right away. I cannot sing the praises enough. It has taught me how to set goals…..not just write a to-do list on a piece of paper and forget about it. I wrote out long term goals, things to help me stay focused when the going gets tough. Start small and do babysteps. Don’t try to overhaul your life in one big chunk. This had always been my problem before….I’d get super motivated and think I could change the world in three days, then is crash and burn out and go back to desperate mode. I’m by no means perfect, or got it altogether yet, but I’m plunging away at my goals one babysteps at a time. I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this book, it has helped saved my life literally. Check it out at or you can get it at Amazon.

God bless!!



Organization Challenge

So I’ve been on a quest to be a better manager of my home. My time in particular. I’ve been making goals, writing list, and spending less time on Facebook and other Internet sites. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it when you notice that you actually do have more time to spend with your family when you don’t let it get wasted by meaningless things. Since I’m doing better about my time (although I have a long way to go) I thought I would take on an organization challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101. It’s a 52 week challenge to organize your entire home and the first project is the kitchen. I’m the type of person who likes to keep my counters cleared because I don’t like clutter but I do have some trouble spots, such as dishes in the drainer, and the occasional mail pile up on the counters. I find that when these things are clear it makes the kitchen much more inviting and I actually do want to spend time there. So, if you’d like to follow along you are more than welcome, as I journal my organizational progress.

The Christ of Christmas

First I would like to welcome you, my readers to my very first blog post on craftedbygrace. I’m very excited for the start of this blog. It is something I’ve been considering for a very long time, but never had the courage to do it. Recently I’ve been doing a video challenge of priorities and learning to write my goals down(a whole other blog by itself I’m sure). So here you have it, my first post. Please bare with me in my first endeavor!!

Being the Christmas season and my favorite time of the year, my heart was naturally drawn to do a post about Christmas. Not just about the parties, music, cookies, and fun, but also about the true meaning of Christmas- CHRIST. While I do love the season, it’s usually filled with too much stress, too much drama, and too much perfectionism. I always wanted to get the perfect Christmas outfits for my kids, make the tree perfect, and pretty much create a Currier and Ives painting. While all this is fine and good, I’m no Martha Stuart in the least stressful of times, so you can see how this would add stress to an already chaotic season. I can remember many disagreements with my spouse at Christmas time just because of the emphasis I put on perfectionism. Well this year I declared it would be different. What got done, got done. Kids wanted to hang all the ornaments on one side of the tree, no stress. I would just not look at the tree when I walked in the room, haha. Didn’t plan well enough to get the perfect Christmas cards out? Oh well there’s always next year. Get the picture? I wanted my main focus to be on Christ this season. And I have to say, it has been one of the most rewarding, eye opening month for me spiritually as I dwell on the Christ of Christmas, instead of the stress. I opted out of the cantata I usually sing in every year and tremendously enjoy, but it was going to take up way to much family time and I just didn’t want the stress. I was so blessed just being able to sit back and worship as the praise team sang the beautiful carols. A true blessing. So what have I learned through this letting go of perfectionism? I’ve been able to recognize a truly beautiful, imperfect world and enjoy my family so much more this Christmas. Most of all, I can see Christ. Especially in all the little things. And I have truly seen that He is the day star that shines in our hearts, and lights the way to the Father, just as surely as that star so long ago led the Wise men to the manger.
I do wish you a Merry CHRISTmas. I truly hope this is a blessed one for you!

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