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Five Things

I thought I’d do a quick post on a few things that help me feel more in control of my days. When I first became a housewife I was very overwhelmed at all the work it took to run a home. I was often stressed out and exhausted with nothing to show for it.
When I had kids, it became even worse. It wasn’t until after a severe case of postpartum depression that my mother in law introduced me to flylady. This site truly was an answer to prayer!! I created sort of a routine to help me through my day. Since then I have worked and reworked it and I think I’ve finally come up with 5 things I do every day to keep from feeling overwhelmed by my housework!
1. Wake up before the kids!! I
admit I still struggle with this, but the days I wake up and have my coffee before the kids I have a much better day.
2. Empty/load the dishwasher. Even this simple act keeps the dishes off the counter and out of the sink and makes your kitchen look and feel so much better.
3. Make my bed. It gives your room a homey comfy feeling. Just walking into your room when your bed is made feels like a hug!
4. Wash 2 loads of laundry each day, including dry/fold/put away. You never have a huge laundry pile and you will thank yourself when the stomach bug breaks out in your house and you aren’t overwhelmed by the mess afterwards plus the normal housework.
5. Give my bathrooms a quick clean. I love for my counters to be clear and the towels straightened. I have boys so I wipe down the toilet with a disinfectant wipe. It gives off a nice clean smell rather than the ummm, other smell!!!
There’s other things I do throughout the day but I’ll cover those another time. I hope this helps if you’ve never created a routine before. It definitely makes a difference.