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Chores and allowances

Since our Spring cleaning challenge is over, I’ve been thinking about what to post about. I thought I’d write a short post about our kid’s chore charts and how we keep them accountable. We’ve always had certain things they did and helped out with but we would have to remind them to do it and it was very sporadic, not at all consistent like we wanted. Recently, we’ve been wanting to teach them more about responsibility, and work, and how to be responsible with money as well. These are the charts we use


They are working great so far. Our oldest, which is 7 by the way does these: 1. Makes bed, 2. Gets dressed, 3. Takes care of his dog, 4. Does homework, 5. Loads the dishwasher, 5. Helps with outdoor chores, 6. Cleans up his room/and or toys, 7. Brush teeth, 8. Gets ready for bed
Our youngest who is 5, does these: 1. Gets dressed, 2. Makes bed, 3. Puts toys away, 4. Brush teeth, 5. Gets ready for bed.
They get $.10 for each chore they do, and if they wine or complain it automatically forfeits their money. By the end of the week we add up their totals and we give them their allowance. We teach them about tithing do they save 10 percent and get to use the rest how they choose.
Now some days it doesn’t always run so smoothly, but on good days we don’t have to remind our 7 year old at all. Our 5 year old still struggles with it do we give reminders. (Wink!) of course as they get older the chores will change but for now this is working for us!

Do you have a good chore system in place that you use for your kids? If so please share in the comments!!