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Dry erase board tutorial

So I thought I would do a quick tutorial on the dry erase board in my family command center. It’s perfectly fine if you want to just pick up one and use as it, but I wanted to add a honey touch to mine. I found it in the office supply section at Walmart. Very simple and very cheap! I got the burlap ribbon at the Cracker Barrel during their Christmas sale so only paid about $6.00 for 4 rolls!!

So you just take the dry erase board and place it on a flat surface. Get the burlap ribbon and unwind it. I unwound it all the way to give enough work room. Then start in the corner and use a hot glue gun start gluing it down. Twist your ribbon as you go, and every so often bunch it in the middle this makes for easier gluing. Continue to go around the entire board. Be careful to hold each section that you glue for a few minutes to let it dry before moving on. So there you have it! You can add extra decor if you like I chose to just put a small now to the bottom to add a special touch.

So what crafty things have you been into lately?