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Snow Days

Here we are 16 days away from Spring, having just been hit with another winter storm!! My kids are already trying to get caught up on all the school days missed in January due to bad weather. Right now they are staying in school for an extra hour up until Spring break so that they can get in their hours without adding days to the school year. But alas, here we are again the second day this week of missing!

I thought I appropriate to do a post of fun snow day activities we used back in January when we were home for a week straight. It was such a fun week!! Besides playing in the snow and drinking lots of hot chocolate, I pulled my resources from, you guessed it!! Pinterest! 🙂


They’re favorite activity we did was bring the snow indoors!! I know this may sound insane, but they loved it! I gave them spoons, cookie cutters, and food coloring and they went to town ‘painting’ their snow. It occupied them for hours!


We also made ice marbles. Fill up water balloons. Very carefully drop some food coloring into the balloon and tie it. Place them outside for several hours, or in the freezer. But since it was so cold it was fun to put them outside. 🙂 check on them often and when they are frozen cut the balloons off and you have colored ice marbles! It was a lot of work but they loved the end result.


We also made bath tub paint which my kids told me I wasn’t allowed to post a picture of, lol! But it was super easy. I didn’t have cornstarch so I used flour, water, and food die. I had some empty frozen juice containers on hand that I used to put them in. They had a blast ‘painting’ the bathtub. I hope that helps with some ‘winter blues’ if you are snowed in like we are!!