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Birthday Fun

I have a very active little boy who just turned 5 recently. He changes who he dresses up as daily. One day it’s Spider-Man, the next day it’s batman, the next day The Lone Ranger, ect. I’m astounded some days with his imagination.
Well I like to encourage that imagination as much as I can and we always do theme birthday parties and let them pick out the character they want for their parties. I’m a little OCD when it comes to matching and all the details so we usually go to Party City and make a day out of it. This year we went the cheaper route and I went on and found very cute Despicable Me party decor, 16 plates, cups, and napkins that all match. We also got a banner and ceiling decor. It totaled about $32 for all. My friend Shannon made the cutest Despicable Me cake. All in all I was very pleased how the decorations turned out.