New App!!

So I just have to share with you a new App I’ve discovered. It’s an excellent time saver for busy moms! It’s called the Zip List. Now you may or may not have heard of it, but let me assure you it is great!! This is an article that tells all about it. It’s basically a to do list, a menu planner, a recipe finder and more!

There’s a spot where you can save all of your recipes that you like the best. The recipes on it alone is worth it for me. And best of all? It’s free!! We all love free!

So please if you get a chance check it out. Let me know in the comments what you think of it and how it has helped you.



So sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I’m still trying to figure out how to maintain balance and priorities. My family is number one priority so blogging got swept to the wayside for a bit.

We’ve been having struggles with our eldest in school, so I’ve been focusing with him. We have also cone to the important decision to give homeschooling a try next year. Our goal is to hopefully get our son excited about school and learning again, as he didn’t have a good experience this year.

In the past I did homeschool him for preschool and kindergarten, so I’m not a total stranger to it. However I have two grades to homeschool this year, kindergarten and 3rd grade.

I have an overwhelming peace about our decision, yet I’m terrified. Is that possible? LOL. I’m not going in with blinders on, I know it will be difficult, the days long, but I feel as if this is the right choice for this next year.

Now the next big decision is choosing our curriculum. I know God who is ever faithful will lead us in this as well. What about you, do you homeschool your children, if so do you have any tips or advice to share?