4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

Yesterday’s challenge wasn’t as bad I expected. My cabinets were not in that bad of shape, I try to keep them as clutter free as possible. But sometimes they do get jumbled when things are not put away properly. I did manage to find a few things to clean out, and as a result I ended up with more cabinet space then I realized I had!! I’m always on the search for more storage space, and I was very happy about this discovery!

20140326-130112.jpg. I’m trying to do my decluttering too, as this is part of the 4 week challenge, find at least 7 things every day to get rid of. This will help me when I have my yard sale when warm weather finally arrives. So here is one if my before photos

20140326-130314.jpgSee, not so bad, right? But, when I straightened things and put lids with their own kind, this was the result:

20140326-130411.jpg a much more streamlined look. I’m still not sure what to put up there! And because I like pictures, here is a shot of my pots and pans cabinets after



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