Considering Hosting a Giveaway!!

So I was checking my stats today for my blog, and was excited to see that my views are up to 440! My goal in March was to get them to 300! To say I’ve succeeded is an understatement. It took me years to get the courage to finally start a blog, but I’m so glad that I finally did. It took encouragement from a good friend and mentor/fitness coach Trina Wilkerson to finally get it started. She hosted a FB group PUSH from Chalene Johnson, that gave me the tools and courage to follow my dreams.
Most of my life I’ve always enjoyed writing. Mostly short little poems but my dream has been to be a writer and eventually get published. But I never thought anyone would ever read or enjoy my stuff. I still don’t know that. But I do know I’m one step closer to my goal.
So to celebrate that goal I am considering hosting a giveaway here on my blog when I teach 500 views. Key word: Considering. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m still researching it out and trying to find sponsors. What I need to know is will you my readers be willing to participate and help me share my blog with other social networking via twitter/Pinterest/FB? What are some of the things you’d like as a giveaway? I’d love some tips from more of you long time bloggers on this subject! Please share in the comments below!


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