Less Clutter, More Time

I’ve been on a journey lately to get rid of clutter. Our home had become a dumping ground for all things.
The kids rooms were the worst culprit. I had set clearing out clutter on the back burner because we have had so much sickness this winter. One kid right after the other, tag team sickness! So I basically made it through the days with my basic routines feeling accomplished with that feat!
So with our warmer weather we’ve been experiencing, it gave me more zeal to start cutting out clutter. I went to the Dollar Tree and got some small baskets for a dollar each, and I also purchased a laundry net for my youngest’s son’s laundry for the back of the door which made a huge difference.
I also got a sweater organizer for under the bed for anything extra but I’ve yet to use it. So all in all I spent $10 to organize both of my boys closets. I cleaned out 4 trash bag full of toys some broken toys no longer played with others that they’ve just outgrown or grown tired of. Here is a shot of my oldest’s closet, the baskets were great for corralling odds and end pieces. I think it turned out great!!! It’s so nice knowing where everything is and everything has a home. We still have a ways to go with games, books and puzzles but taking it a day at a time!!



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