4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, microwave and stove

Wow. Today was a tough one. I have a black gas stove top which is very hard to keep clean. I had burned on grease built up on it. I clean it every time I cook, but for some reason the grease is very difficult to remove. I’ve used Vinegar, hot soap and water, and baking soda. I think I’m going to have to get some commercial cleaner which I didn’t really want to do. But here is the before picture….

20140318-132846.jpg See how ‘un’ shiny it is?! I soaked the grates in a bowl full of hot soapy water and vinegar. They do look a little better but I need a better scrubber, something that won’t scratch the black enamel. Here is the after

20140318-133034.jpg. Some better but still not how I like it. At least the microwave was simple because I just gave it a thorough cleaning the other day so it looks great!!

So what about you? Did you find today’s challenge difficult or easy?

And what tips do you have keeping a black gas stovetop clean??


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