4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

Good morning! The weather was beautiful yesterday and our snow is finally starting to melt! I think Spring is right around the corner for sure! As I think if Spring my thought turn to Spring cleaning. 🙂 I have so much more energy in the warmer months to get things done. Which is perfect for the new challenge I have for you today.

One of my favorite blogs, Moneysavingmom.com is hosting a challenge 4 weeks to a more organized home. Every day she lost challenges to do to help get your home in order. So I’ve signed up for this and will keep you updated on my success. This week wee have been working on clearing out clutter, clutter that is unseen! Unfortunately I didn’t take before pictures of everything, but I will share a couple that I did take. On Monday the assignment was to clean out your purse/and or diaper bag. Boy was I surprised at all the junk I got out of my purse!! It feels a whole light lighter and easier to carry around now!! Tuesday we cleaned out the fridge. Now mine needed lots of work. But it looks so much better and I’m quite pleased. I didn’t get Wednesday’s task completed because of sickness, but it was cleaning out your freezer. I’m surer e could use a lot of help in this area and I plan to tackle it next week. Thursday’s assignment was to move furniture (couches/dressers) and clean out from under them. Boy was I surprised at the chaos that reigned under there! Dust bunnies taking up residence and a gold mine if toys, lol! I wish I had a picture but alas you’ll just have to use your imagination!! 🙂
Friday’s assignment I do have a picture for. So in the realm of being real, I will post it. The assignment was move your couch cushions and clean under them. I was appalled. To think that much stuff could live under there!!!



So there you have it! Hopefully next week I will be able to post every day since my boys are better now and all sickness is gone! So are you going to join the challenge? If so please share in the comments!!


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