Chores and allowances

Since our Spring cleaning challenge is over, I’ve been thinking about what to post about. I thought I’d write a short post about our kid’s chore charts and how we keep them accountable. We’ve always had certain things they did and helped out with but we would have to remind them to do it and it was very sporadic, not at all consistent like we wanted. Recently, we’ve been wanting to teach them more about responsibility, and work, and how to be responsible with money as well. These are the charts we use


They are working great so far. Our oldest, which is 7 by the way does these: 1. Makes bed, 2. Gets dressed, 3. Takes care of his dog, 4. Does homework, 5. Loads the dishwasher, 5. Helps with outdoor chores, 6. Cleans up his room/and or toys, 7. Brush teeth, 8. Gets ready for bed
Our youngest who is 5, does these: 1. Gets dressed, 2. Makes bed, 3. Puts toys away, 4. Brush teeth, 5. Gets ready for bed.
They get $.10 for each chore they do, and if they wine or complain it automatically forfeits their money. By the end of the week we add up their totals and we give them their allowance. We teach them about tithing do they save 10 percent and get to use the rest how they choose.
Now some days it doesn’t always run so smoothly, but on good days we don’t have to remind our 7 year old at all. Our 5 year old still struggles with it do we give reminders. (Wink!) of course as they get older the chores will change but for now this is working for us!

Do you have a good chore system in place that you use for your kids? If so please share in the comments!!



4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, medicine cabinet

We made it to the final day, congratulations if you’ve been following along! My house feels wonderful!! I still have a ways to go to get it how I want it, but compared to how it was at the beginning of this challenge, it is much better!! This challenge was good as it kept me accountable and I was able to stay on course. What a relief to get a bunch of lose ends tied up.
Today we cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Wow that really needed done!

20140328-150130.jpg. Major decluttering and cleaning out needed, right? Well I took everything out, looked at the expiration dates and discarded the old ones. My how many there were!!! I also wiped the shelves out, they were dusty and sticky.

20140328-150327.jpg After I did that I replaced the good items with their like stuff, and it looks a lot better! I’m very pleased and it should be easier to find the right medicine when needed.

So I hope you e enjoyed these challenges and flowing along whole I got my house into shape. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Our weather is beautiful so time to enjoy Spring Break!!!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, windows

So we’re almost to the end of the 4 weeks to a more organized home challenge. My home is feeling really amazing. We’ve cleaned under furniture, cleaned out the couches, cleaned the vents, organized silverware drawers, and a host of other things. If you’ve been following along I’m sure your home feels wonderful too. I admit I haven’t been able to tackle everything on the list, but what I’ve been able to manage has been worth it.
Today we cleaned the windows. I was happy because last week I had already started on them so I only had to finish up today.

20140327-130008.jpg I know you probably can’t see it as clear as I could but believe me they needed it. The window sills were the worst they had dirt and grime on them. So it feels nice to get them finished.

So what areas of your home during the challenges did you feel we’re the worst, or easiest? I’d love to hear from you!! Leave me a comment below!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

Yesterday’s challenge wasn’t as bad I expected. My cabinets were not in that bad of shape, I try to keep them as clutter free as possible. But sometimes they do get jumbled when things are not put away properly. I did manage to find a few things to clean out, and as a result I ended up with more cabinet space then I realized I had!! I’m always on the search for more storage space, and I was very happy about this discovery!

20140326-130112.jpg. I’m trying to do my decluttering too, as this is part of the 4 week challenge, find at least 7 things every day to get rid of. This will help me when I have my yard sale when warm weather finally arrives. So here is one if my before photos

20140326-130314.jpgSee, not so bad, right? But, when I straightened things and put lids with their own kind, this was the result:

20140326-130411.jpg a much more streamlined look. I’m still not sure what to put up there! And because I like pictures, here is a shot of my pots and pans cabinets after


4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

So I’m a little behind on the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge. I missed 2 days so now going to be playing catch up, because my home really needs it. Yesterday’s challenge was to clean your vents an my how dusty mine were! I normally don’t have time to do deep cleaning like this, but with getting rid of tons of clutter and staying up in my normal routines I’m able to get more done! 😊 So here’s my vents, and this isn’t the worse one. 😉

20140325-150111.jpg I stuck them in the tub and ran some hot water over them. A couple I had to wipe down with a rag. I also got ambitious and vacuumed my heater vent. Over all my house feels good, ready for Spring. Now if Spring will just come to stay!!!

Considering Hosting a Giveaway!!

So I was checking my stats today for my blog, and was excited to see that my views are up to 440! My goal in March was to get them to 300! To say I’ve succeeded is an understatement. It took me years to get the courage to finally start a blog, but I’m so glad that I finally did. It took encouragement from a good friend and mentor/fitness coach Trina Wilkerson to finally get it started. She hosted a FB group PUSH from Chalene Johnson, that gave me the tools and courage to follow my dreams.
Most of my life I’ve always enjoyed writing. Mostly short little poems but my dream has been to be a writer and eventually get published. But I never thought anyone would ever read or enjoy my stuff. I still don’t know that. But I do know I’m one step closer to my goal.
So to celebrate that goal I am considering hosting a giveaway here on my blog when I teach 500 views. Key word: Considering. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m still researching it out and trying to find sponsors. What I need to know is will you my readers be willing to participate and help me share my blog with other social networking via twitter/Pinterest/FB? What are some of the things you’d like as a giveaway? I’d love some tips from more of you long time bloggers on this subject! Please share in the comments below!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, top of fridge, top of cabinets, wipe down front of cabinets

Oh how my kitchen needed today’s challenge! I dreaded it just a little. 🙂 But I started with the top of the fridge and what a difference!! I used to have apples in my kitchen so I still had various apple items up on top of my fridge as well as some baskets and candle holders I cleaned out intending to reuse them. But I cleaned all this off, and wiped off the dust that was 2 in thick, I think!! I forgot my after photo but here is the before….

It feel so much better and I am so pleased. I’m very thankful for these challenges as I wouldn’t be so diligent in doing these task, and it keeps me accountable!! The other task was to wipe down the front of your cabinets and mine were quite dusty. I used hot soapy water with a little bit of Old English oil on my rag and they were shining when I got done. The cabinets down below we’re a little more dirtier where the kids use them so I was so glad to see the results. Here is a picture of my rag

20140319-150655.jpg When I dumped the water out it was black!! My I don’t know how a house gets so dirty….oh yes I do! I’m raising boys! And we have a little black Yorkie Poo…..

So yes lots to clean!!!! It’s a good thing I love it, lol!! Hope you enjoyed my post and the challenges as well.

Less Clutter, More Time

I’ve been on a journey lately to get rid of clutter. Our home had become a dumping ground for all things.
The kids rooms were the worst culprit. I had set clearing out clutter on the back burner because we have had so much sickness this winter. One kid right after the other, tag team sickness! So I basically made it through the days with my basic routines feeling accomplished with that feat!
So with our warmer weather we’ve been experiencing, it gave me more zeal to start cutting out clutter. I went to the Dollar Tree and got some small baskets for a dollar each, and I also purchased a laundry net for my youngest’s son’s laundry for the back of the door which made a huge difference.
I also got a sweater organizer for under the bed for anything extra but I’ve yet to use it. So all in all I spent $10 to organize both of my boys closets. I cleaned out 4 trash bag full of toys some broken toys no longer played with others that they’ve just outgrown or grown tired of. Here is a shot of my oldest’s closet, the baskets were great for corralling odds and end pieces. I think it turned out great!!! It’s so nice knowing where everything is and everything has a home. We still have a ways to go with games, books and puzzles but taking it a day at a time!!


4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, microwave and stove

Wow. Today was a tough one. I have a black gas stove top which is very hard to keep clean. I had burned on grease built up on it. I clean it every time I cook, but for some reason the grease is very difficult to remove. I’ve used Vinegar, hot soap and water, and baking soda. I think I’m going to have to get some commercial cleaner which I didn’t really want to do. But here is the before picture….

20140318-132846.jpg See how ‘un’ shiny it is?! I soaked the grates in a bowl full of hot soapy water and vinegar. They do look a little better but I need a better scrubber, something that won’t scratch the black enamel. Here is the after

20140318-133034.jpg. Some better but still not how I like it. At least the microwave was simple because I just gave it a thorough cleaning the other day so it looks great!!

So what about you? Did you find today’s challenge difficult or easy?

And what tips do you have keeping a black gas stovetop clean??

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

I’ve been following along with Money Saving Mom’s daily cleaning challenge. I thought I’d list what we have done so far.
1. Clean out purse/or diaper bag
2. Clean out refrigerator
3. Clean out freezer
4. Clean under the furniture/ beds
5. Move couch cushions clean the couch
6. Clean out the car
7. Clean baseboards
8. Clean off door handles
9. Clean light switches
10. Clean ceiling fans

Today we cleaned out the silver ware drawer. I got off easy because mine wasn’t that bad but I still has tons of crumbs in the drawer. Does anyone else have crumbs in your silverware drawer?! How do those get in there?

20140317-152227.jpgand here is a couple things I cleaned out

And the finished product. Not much different but it feels good that it’s clean.