Family Command Center

Greetings! It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time for a post! Right now my goal is one post a week, so that I don’t become too overwhelmed. Today I’m going to focus on organization again. You’ll find the more you visit my blog, that I LOVE organization. Did I mention I love to organize??

Well I know it’s the middle of the school year, but I was still have issues with the after school rush, you know kids come home dump all their school stuff on the floor in the living room and it looks like a tornado came through. So I scoured the Internet, (Ahem Pinterest mainly) and found a way to keep on top of mail, important school notices, sports schedules etc. Enter – Family Command Center. Now there are many out there, very elaborate ones, to very simple but all with one goal in mind, to keep you from losing your sanity. So I took ideas from several different ones I liked and put my own together. Here are some of the things I included in mine: 1. dry erase board for writing grocery list/ 2. A memo holder/ 3. Picture frames for school schedules and basketball schedule/ 4. A picture frame for our menu board (which by the way isn’t complete yet, smile) 5. Mail holder/organizers for school papers that need filed. Now every command center will be different of course according to your own styles and tastes. But I challenge you to create one and see if it doesn’t make your life that much easier!!

What about you, what things have you done recently that have helped save you time (and sanity) 🙂



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